Purchase Tarot Twenty-Two Keys

The Tarot Twenty-Two Keys are now available for sale on the HolyOrderofMANS.com website, under the topic “What Are We Reading?” Coloring the cards is an integral part of the study of the Tarot.

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Keystone of the Tarot with Meditations

The Holy Order of MANS’s newest book Keystone of the Tarot with Meditations is now available on Amazon. It was designed with coloring instructions for the Tarot cards, Tarot 22 Keys – The Major Arcana. It also includes a meditation on each Key. It’s companion book, Jewels of the Wise: Self-Mastery of the Tarot will be out in another month. The meditations are the inspiration of a Christian mystic and spiritual teacher, Rt. Rev. Helen Blighton. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!

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The Golden Force’s cover is up for a Visionary Award at COVR.org.

The Golden Force – COVR Visionary Awards
The cover of our new Holy Order of MANS The Golden Force is up for an award! If you would like to vote for it as a non-member of COVR please go to https://covr.org/2022-covr-visionary-awards-voters-guide/ where you will find a link to “View the Official 2022 COVR Visionary Awards Voter’s Guide.” There are over 200 entries in four categories. The categories are: (1) Audio & Visual, (2) Books, (3) Jewelry, and (4) Products. The Golden Force cover is in the Books category. Take a look at all of the cover entries in each category. Decide on one entry in each category that you like. Then go back to the original page.

On the original page you’ll see a link called “Voting is now open for the 2022 COVR Visionary Awards.” Click on it. On that page you’ll find a link called “Click HERE for the COVR Visionary Awards Official Ballot Public Voting Link.” Voting is open April 4th through April 25th. Then you’ll be able to vote.

Thanks so much for your vote!!!

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The Golden Force, by Earl W. Blighton

Last week the Holy Order of MANS, where I’m a Director, published a new version of The Golden Force on Amazon. This is the first book that I was handed when I entered the Order at the beginning of my spiritual quest. They also gave me an orange. They both changed my life. The Orange Exercise is on this site. That simple. My insight into the Tarot stems from my experience in reading this book and doing the Orange Exercise every day for a year. Nothing beats focus, and a quiet mind, and awareness of who you really are. And it’s not gained overnight. Nature likes to take its time. It likes to grow large trees very slowly. Smile. I would suggest that anyone who likes my pages here on the Tarot Major Arcana pick up The Golden Force and buy an orange today! They were foundational to my later understanding of what Paul Foster Case, and many of the other teachers I’ve since studied, were talking about.

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New HolyOrderofMANS.org Website

Our new website http://www.HolyOrderOfMANS.org is live today. It has our full study curriculum, meditations and information about Order classes on Zoom and in person. This site is in addition to our HolyOrderOfMANS.com website.

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Healing Class with Mark Earlix

Today I’m taking my 4th healing class with Mark Earlix. He’s amazing. You’re following my blog because you’re interested in what I say about the Tarot and that it’s a book for initiates. The next step in your life is to realize that you are also a healer. Everyone is. Mark is one of the few healers that not just heal people, but also teaches how you can, too. He has free healing circles weekly, but his monthly teaching classes are just amazing. He’s stared to have classes on Saturdays, too. What you’re learning on this blog, how to incorporate the Tarot into your life, Mark takes to the next level! Check out his website MArkEArlix.com for his next class!

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Erin Cookston, My Amazing Yoga Instructor

Tarot has been my passion. Yoga allows me the visceral experience of the spiritual teachings imbedded in the Cards. I’ve used my Yoga experiences in several of the cards to help you get a deeper feeling of the lesson. One person I have to thank for my ongoing practice over many years is Erin Cookston. She would start her 6 AM classes so slowly, so quietly. I close my eyes and follow her sweet voice. I know what’s coming, but who could resist the laughter in her voice as she leads you through the practice. I am without thinking, without concern. I am no where else, just following her voice. She’s so precise you don’t miss a beat!

For this past year I’ve had to follow her on YouTube. I have the same experience, as though she’s right next to me. I introduced my web consultant to her. She’s tried Yoga, but said it was too hard for a beginner. I turned her on to Erin’s Beginner’s 30-minute class on line. She loves it! Erin has given me so much I just want to share her with you. Her website is http://www.erincookston.com. and you can find her on YouTube at Erin Cookston Yoga. And don’t let her sweet smile fool you. The more advanced classes are amazing!

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May I introduce to you my friend Mark Earlix, Healer

Mark Earlix and I both spent many years in the same Order, the Holy Order of MANS, in the 1970’s. We have mutual friends and common interests, so we’ve made a point of staying in touch. Over the years, he’s become a well known healer and spiritual guide.

Mark has appeared on numerous television and radio stations across the country and has served on the Board of Directors for the Mind, Body, and Spirit Foundation. He has presented nationally at such organizations as Whole Life Expo, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Mind Body Spirit Conferences, Unity Churches with workshops and appointments, The Himalayan Institute, R.C.P. Relapse Prevention Center, B’nai B’rith etc. He also had taught extensively in the Deaf community in Illinois.

So, recently I needed to use his services. We had a couple of healing sessions over Zoom. I’d been having trouble with my knees, and now they feel great! I was intrigued by the way he heals, so I signed up for his 4-Day Workshop, called The Art of Healing. He’s always been interested in sharing his gift of healing with others. Wow! Amazing workshop! He shared in the workshop his spiritual insights and methods in working with emotional traumas and physical problems. I feel blessed to know him all these years and just wanted to share this with my followers. You can find him at http://www.MarkEarlix.com.

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New HolyOrderofMANS.com Website

Hello everyone! Today is the Grand Opening of our new website called http://www.HolyOrderOfMANS.com. Please check it out! We have several Zoom classes on spirituality which are very similar to those taught here. I would say that my interest in the Tarot came as an expansion and expression of the mysteries I received in the Holy Order of MANS as a young woman. You may just find something of interest for yourself!

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Cards are all up now!

The last of the 22 Tarot Keys are up and ready to view. There will be a few edits to some of the topics listed, but they’ll all stay up in the interim. The next major change will be on the  YouTube site webinars. Looking forward to sharing them with you as they’re created! Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions these past months.

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