Visualization 2 -Auric Egg and the Solar System

In our last exercise, Visualization 1, we created an egg of light around ourselves.


Create the egg of white light while sitting relaxed within the ovoid space.


Now, around the head and from the level of the ears, start a long spiral upward, around, and around, opening upward in an ever-enlarging conical shape until it reaches the outer atmosphere.


Because you are in a room with a ceiling and roof above you makes no difference.


When you are in this state, look up and see yourself move up, knowing that you will return to your sitting position.

Observe the Christ Light all around you and the orderliness of this Solar System.

Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

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Visualization 1 – Auric Egg Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is for you to become not only acquainted with the use of visualization and your own imaging of objects and light but also to bring you into a position where you are totally surrounded by the Christ Light.


Sit in a relaxed position in a straight-backed chair. Visualize yourself within an oval-shaped egg filled with the White Light of Christ.


In many ancient writings, the egg always represented and symbolized the one who had attained. The egg has always been used as a symbol of birth, for in it all the wonders of reproduction are made manifest.


Draw the Light into the egg-form to the extent that you can see and feel its brightness. In fact, after three or four days, you should see it when sitting in it in a darkened room.


As you do this, there should be an ovoid space in the center of the egg, which you occupy.


In performing this exercise, you should feel a terrific uplift and exhilaration that will improve your health and general condition.

You will especially note the exhilaration in this exercise if you do it within two to three days of the approaching full-moon phase and just after the full moon.

This exercise should not be taken lightly. This and the other spiritual exercises are your opportunity to attain fundamental self-unfoldment.

Consistent and honest effort in using this exercise will bring the disciple into the fullness of his reality. The more you practice, the greater will be your devotional aspects and the more real will be the transformation within your entire being. For it will quicken your spiritual mentality and bring other gifts of prophecy, greater intuition, and, most of all, the realization of your increasing cosmic consciousness.

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Mark Earlix’s Classes on Healing are Recorded

Mark’s classes are recorded. After signing up for a class on his website you then discover that you can’t attend all of the classes. They are recorded and available for attendees only. I go back and watch the classes that I’ve attended. It’s like hearing some of the information for the first time!

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The Mysteries & Applications of Healing with Mark Earlix

Once a month my dear friend Mark Earlix teaches a 4-day healing class on Zoom. I’ll be joining him Sept 12th. Each day the class is just 1 1/2 hours. If you can’t make it, there will be another one next month. I find taking his healing classes a wonderful compliment to my study of the Tarot. The Tarot teaches that there is no separation between the material world and the spiritual world. Mark shows his students how to put that into action. He has us do exercises (as homework!) that lead us into the experience of working with energy and going within. Imagination in action. We get to discuss our experiences the next day in class. He also has 2-hour 1-day sessions every few weeks, if you have limited time available. Click here to listen to him describe a case study. Click to visit his web site. It’s fun!

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Jason Lotterhand Classes at Holy Order of MANS

Jason Lotterhand gave a series of lectures to the members of the Holy Order of MANS at their headquarters in San Francisco in the early 1970’s. The Order consolidated them into two recordings. Click here to listen to them. They are located on the website. Lotterhand was a student of Paul Foster Case and was later a Director of the Builders of the Adytum, which was founded by Case. Lotterhand’s popular book, and a favorite of mine, is The Thursday Night Tarot: Weekly Talks of the Major Arcana. It is a wonderful introduction to the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and can be found on Amazon.

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Key 12 Suspended Man & Key 13 Transition Holy Order of MANS Tarot Class on YouTube – Recording Revised

Apparently when I uploaded the Tarot Class dated August 29, 2022 I copied a previous video on a class about Key 8 Strength instead. Today I corrected my technical error and the class will be available to look at on September 4th. I apologize for being technically challenged. A big thanks to my students for bringing this to my attention! I added the word Revised to the end of the title of the corrected video.

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Retrospection Exercise

Each night as you’re lying in bed preparing to go to sleep, say the following prayer (or something like it):

O Lord, reveal to me my deeds of this day and show me what I did right, what I could have done better, and what I shouldn’t have done. Forgive me for my mistakes and misdeeds and give me the strength and motivation to correct them on the morrow.

Then, go over what you did today in reverse order. Start with what you were doing right before you got in bed and then work backwards, touching on each event as it played out in the course of your day until you cover what you did the first thing that morning.

This shouldn’t take very long. The process should be matter-of-fact, leaving emotion out of it. If you can’t let go of the emotion, then give that to God, too.

As you do this, think of whether your action was positive or negative. If positive, bless it and give God thanks for it. If negative—something you either wish you hadn’t done or would have liked to do better—resolve to do better. Then ask God to take away and cleanse you of both the positive and the negative activities of your day. No attachment. Do your retrospection, hand it to God, and then go to sleep.

This exercise is very important for your soul’s development. Make it your lifelong routine. Also, don’t discuss it with anyone.

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COVR Award 2022 Silver Winner

The Coalition of Visionary Resources awarded The Golden Force, by Dr. Earl W. Blighton, Holy Order of MANS the 2022 Silver winner for Contemporary Religion Books.

Thank you everyone for voting!

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Video Recordings of the Monday Tarot Classes

The Monday evening Tarot classes held by the Holy Order of MANS from their website are now being recorded and displayed on the Gates of Light YouTube channel. This allows anyone who isn’t able to attend a class the opportunity to see the classes.

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Weekly Tarot Class on

Starting in July I’m giving a free ZOOM class on the Tarot through the website. It’s at 5 PM Pacific Time each Monday. You will need to enter through the website. We have a few classes on the site. This one is called The Tarot 22 Keys of the Major Arcana Revealed. Click here to go directly to the Upcoming Events page. Once there, click on the Tarot 22 Keys class. Scroll down to DETAILS and click on Website and the URL. You will enter the waiting room.

Be sure to contact me a day before if you wish to attend so that I recognize your email address/name so I will let you into the class. After the first class that you attend you won’t have to confirm ahead.

You can also enter by going to, click on the Zoom box on the Home Page. It will take you to the Events page and then click on the Tarot class and continue as above.

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