Key 2 – High Priestess

Tarot Keys 1-29-06 013 High Priestess #2Key 2 is the High Priestess. Surrounded by the color blue the High Priestess is representative of the soul and the subconsciousness plane of mental activity. According to the color chart the color blue signifies water, memory, receptivity and reflection. The source of all the rivers and pools in the Keys come from this card. She is the subconscious, feminine element that responds to the masculine self-consciousness of the Magician Key. There must be an exchange between these two for anything to happen. The Hebrew letter G is Gimel which means camel, so the letter name signifies travel and communication. Subconsciousness is also the agency of telepathic communication. Gimel has the numerical value 3. She is the third point on the triangle. Personal subconsciousness is at all times amenable to control by suggestions which originate in the mental activities symbolized by the Magician, who represent self-consciousness.

The subconscious is the law of the universe – the scroll Tora in her lap. The whole point of our efforts is to try to manipulate this law from the level of the Magician. So let’s get to know the High Priestess a little better. What does the card tell us about her? Her title means literary “chief feminine elder,” or primary receptive aspect of the Life-power. She corresponds to all the virgin goddesses of the ancient world, including Eve before she met Adam. Astrologically she represents the moon. Her crown is of silver, metal of the moon, with waxing and waning, the full moon between. She sits within a temple, the gray veil behind her is the veil before the inner sanctuary. The grey color refers to the union of opposites black and white, the color of wisdom. The pomegranates (female) and the palms (male) also suggest a union of positive and negative forces.

winged_isisShe is the Universal Mind, the Cosmic mind-stuff, the great sea in which we live. The nature of mind is represented by water. Water holds everything in solution, all possibilities. Her number 2 is a symbol of duplication, reflection, copying, reproduction as it relates to memory, the basic function of subconsciousness. It also suggests duplicity, deception, untruth, illusion, error and delusion.  How is that so? Because the subconscious mind repeats and elaborates all the mistaken results of faulty, superficial self-conscious observation. It is a recording device that records everything, is uncritically amenable to suggestion, and at the same time the channel of telepathic communication, and then multiplies its observations ad infinitum, for better or worse, in your mind.

jachinboaz3The two pillars on either side of her seat are those of Solomon and Hermes. The forms are the same but the colors are opposite. The white pillar represents affirmation and bears the letter Yod, initial of the word Jachin (father of Mary). On top of the pillar is fire, our tool Will, the white wand in the Magician card. The black pillar bears the letter Beth, initial of Boaz (husband of Ruth). For strength (Boaz) is rooted in resistance or inertia, which is the negation of the activity which is the establishing principle (Jachin) of all things. On top of the pillar is water, the passive polarity and our tool imagination and knowing. The High Priestess sits between and is the equilibrating power between the initiative and resistance, the light and the darkness. The pillars represent three laws of the association of ideas and of memory. We associate things similar, things near together in space and time, and things sharply contrasted.

These two great pillars represent the polarity in nature which is the means of productivity. The virgin sits between them to show that Truth is found between opposite extremes. All action is rooted in the opposite of forces, whether physical or spiritual. Between these is the veiled entrance to the Holy Place of God.

imagesThe High Priestess sits on a cube. each pillar rests on a cube. Since the time of Pythagoras it has been taught that the cube is a solid representation of earth, or material manifestation. So the basis of all subconsciousness mental activity is what has actually occurred, what actually exists. The letter Gimel is a Hebrew double letter (pronounced two different ways) and rules Peace and Strife. You could say, if we remember ourselves, we have peace; if we forget, we have strife!

The cubes sit on a yellow floor, reminding us of mental equilibrium and intellect. We are all connected to the Divine Mind. So why doesn’t your life work? Get rid of the distractions.Learn to still your mind in order to pick up the information from the High Priestess. The Magician Key teaches concentration and dedication to make real progress. Loud voices will not work with her. You’re in the Holy of Holies where peace and quiet prevail. It’s a Presence, not a thing. She’s the receptacle of all the information we would dearly love to get our greedy little hands on. The internet doesn’t hold a candle to her, once you remember your connection!

Do not be fooled into believing that you’re living on the physical plane. You receive input from the material, but you live in the mind. The world around you is a mental creation. Something you can imagine is real. Mind is totally impressionable. Thoughts have weight and value. The world around you is a mental creation.

imgresThere’s a danger in being wrapped up in memory. Simply focus your attention on something else and concentrate on that. Focus on something new, different. Remember Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita told Arjuna that in order to get himself out of his karma to place his mind in a completely different direction from what bugged him or what pleased him. Krishna simply had Arjuna concentrate on Krishna. It cut the karmic string. The Inner self will always urge you to find your own Path.

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