The Tarot Tableau

This is one of many ways to arrange the Tarot Keys. The importance of this particular combination is that the Keys are in numeric order from 0 to 21. Since we are reading the Keys as you would a story book you will find that reviewing them in this order you will see that each Key builds on the previous Keys. And in some cases, such as the Chariot, a Key can be a summary of an entire row of Keys. Beginning with this arrangement allows you to get a basic grasp of the Keys and how they interact with each other.

We will cover each of the columns of three Keys in another post. As an overview now, each row has an attribute. The top row contains 7 dominant mental states or principles. The second row typifies intermediary activities or agencies. And the bottom row represents conditions or results from the expression of the principles of the upper row through the agencies of the middle row.

Beginning with the first column on the left, the 7 columns represent bondage, awakening, revelation, organization, regeneration, realization, and cosmic consciousness. Pretty heady stuff!  So first we must read and understand the symbols of each Key before we embark on how they unfold in us the meanings of each column.

You may also wish to color your own set of cards and then arrange them in front of you as you read about each Key. Please click here to go to my post on purchasing and coloring the cards.

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