An Everyday Approach to Meditation

This is a way in which to step up your day so that you may obtain the consciousness of meditation.

Step 1:  Keep in mind upon going to sleep that you are going to rise and meditate before breakfast.  Thus, you will be wide awake and will obtain better results. This is also a good time to pray for something, for the mind is yet uncluttered.

Step 2:  Get yourself in the habit of thinking of the Creator first and then call on the Master Jesus so that your consciousness may be immediately lifted.

Step 3:  Try to use the same place whenever meditating — about the same time, and don’t allow other things to interfere if possible.

Step 4:  Body, soul and mind are to be trained simultaneously to gain the necessary spiritual poise.

Step 5:  Don’t think of hastening spiritual development.

Step 6:  Consider it a sacred duty to practice the exercise of meditation daily.

Step 7:  Be kind, generous and tolerant of others but be very exacting with yourself and your spiritual exercises.

Step 8:  Do not criticize or condemn others; keep your own doorstep clean.

Step 9:  Don’t talk about your spiritual development except to your teacher if you have a true teacher or Priest.

Step 10:  Spend as much time as possible without shirking your daily duties — man is a subject to habit.  Once you are accustomed and feel the benefits of the cosmic contained in meditation, you will not be without it.

When starting meditation, pick a Spiritual subject, unless you have a mundane problem, and after getting into a Spiritual attitude, forgetting all around you, set up your subject and then clear your mind. Do not blank it; let it stay alive, but do not think. Be quiet.

The thoughts that enter should be strictly related to your subject and should not be foreign to it. When a thought occurs ask the question, “Show me more.” Wait. When you get more, ask again. See what happens.

Do not try to repeat this immediately unless you are successful the first time, then you may meditate on other subjects.

This will not work, however, if you have not learned concentration and have not mastered it. The Orange Exercise on this website will help you with that. Concentration allows you to “see” more than with your physical eyes. It also allows your mind to be quiet. With practice and over time you’ll find yourself surprised when you realize that there’s no chatter going on in your mind!

This exercise is from the Holy Order of MANS Tree of Life Lesson-Level One – Meditation Three.

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Meditation Two Exercise

By meditation on His precepts, testimonies, and His Law, we get divine understanding. Through divine understanding, we get divine illumination. Through divine illumination, through which we arrive at the point of finding the SELF, and finding the SELF is the quest of this course of study.

1.  Start with concentration.  Pick an object in the room and look at it for 10 minutes under full light.  Do this every day for four days.  The next week for three days, the third week for one day, preferably Wednesday of the week.

2.  Then we start on the fourth week with a darkened room and concentrate on the same object under the light of three candles.  Do this for five minutes every day for four days, the first week. The second week, every day for three days.  The third week, every day for two days.  The fourth week on Wednesday.

3.  The final exercise should be done in a darkened room (complete) and start visualizing the same object for 15 minutes for 7 days.

4. Then in the light and the dark alternately 10 minutes in light, and 10 minutes in dark, once a day for 7 days.

This shall establish the power of concentration; meditation is then a retroactive function from concentration — it will just carry you through.

Contemplation is merely a workable way of retrospection, a review of what we have learned in meditation.

From the Holy Order of MANS Tree of Life Lesson-Level One – Meditation Two

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Experiential Healing 2-Hr Intro by Mark Earlix

This workshop is a two hour intro to give you an overall idea of what the full four day workshop will resemble. I have a few students and friends who don’t have time to take Mark’s 4-day Workshop, but have told me how much they get from, and are amazed by, attending this event every few weeks. The Tarot is incredible for revealing how this wonderful world works and how we live and work within it. So, I’m recommending this 2-hour intro to those of you who wish to understand and learn more about themselves. Mark is adept at helping you expand and recognize more.

It’s being held this Thursday February 9th 4:30 – 6:30 PM Mountain Standard Time. Click here if you are interested.

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Chamber of Meditation

The first step, then, in the use of this rite called the Chamber of Meditation, is to establish the attitude of centralized and focused power. You do this by placing yourself in the center of a small universe.  Here we come to a very ancient symbol: the circle with a dot in its center. It is a symbol of the Universe, with its sun, a symbol of centra­lized power, a symbol of the primitive cell in all living matter and of atomic structure in the elements. The illustration is the cartouche or seal of the pharaoh Thutmose III.

Note the circle with the dot in the center. It symbolizes the sun and Ra, or the universal crea­tive power. The circle and dot are also the symbol of the point of expression of the individual in its re­lation to the over-soul or universal soul, the dot being the individual expression of the person, the space within the circle being the universal soul; to each of us there is the one dot, our inner self, the center or focal point of the universal soul with all other persons as billions of dots within the circle.

You proceed, standing or sitting wherever you may be and drawing around you an imaginary circle approximately — or precisely, if you can make it precise — seven feet in diameter. You are to imagine that circle as drawn on the floor or ground where you stand, with yourself in the very center of it. If it is possible to draw the circle with chalk, or with a white string laid on the floor, to help you visua­lize it the first few times, it may be done. But you must become accustomed to visualizing the circle, and, as soon as it is completed, to feeling and sensing that you have enclosed yourself in the center of a small universe.

As soon as you have established this mental attitude, you should remain standing, or seated, in the center of the circle but facing toward the east, the geographical east. Then, with eyes closed for about a second or two, say mentally the word MATHRA just once. The word need not be said audibly unless you are alone, but even then it is good practice to say the word mentally so that you will become accustomed to saying this and other vowels mentally. The sound of A in the word should be broad and long, as in “ah.”

By mentally drawing the circle and standing within it while you say the word, you are taking the first steps in the rites of the Chamber of Meditation. After pronouncing the word the eyes may be opened, and at once you will sense a different condition of attunement then you have experienced before, providing you have had in mind the principle that while within the circle you were the central point or focal point of incoming power.

For a few minutes while standing or seated there, following the use of the word, the new attunement will give you clearer sight, clearer hearing, and clearer thinking. In other words, you will find that you are in a state where clairaudience and clairvoyance are possible. It will last for only a few minutes because there are other steps to be taken; these will be given in the future.

Therefore, use this work at such times as you wish to think clearly, to sense an inspiration, to see or hear that which is not perceptible to the eye or ear otherwise. Used once or twice a day, especially in the morning or evening, this week’s practice will prove to be one of the most helpful steps you have taken lately.

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Experiential Healing Introduction Workshop

Mark Earlix is having another 4-day, 1 1/2 hours each day, Workshop in February from the 21st to 24th I take his workshops each month and they have broadened my awareness and the application of my Tarot studies. We both attended the Holy Order of MANS. Click here to connect to his website.

He asks, “How would your life change if you could learn how to shift your mindset, stay calm and be a healing presence for yourself, your family and others?”

“This is your opportunity to learn more of your life’s story. It’s a matter of taking a look at your habits and taking a different approach. It is imperative at this time that you focus on learning what’s important to you, that you develop your gift … because you ARE the gift!”

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How Intuitive Are You?

My dear friend Mark Earlix is offering a workshop in January. I’ve taken several of his workshops and love them. I met him through the Holy Order of MANS. See below to check it out.

How Intuitive Are You?
Special 2hr Workshop:
January 12, 4:30-6:30 PM MST

Ever wonder if you’re even naturally Intuitive?
Ever have the desire to help others with Intuition?

This 2-Hour power packed workshop will:
Take you beyond the current understanding of Intuition.
Help you to awaken and utilize your ability to work with your ability to See.
We will have casual dialog, lectures and exercises utilizing techniques.
This workshop is for anyone that desires to utilize their innate ability of Intuition!
To find out more about this class Click Here

To find out what else Mark offers and learn more about him Click Here

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The Alchemical Cabala with Eli Rushing

Eli Rushing is a student and practitioner of the Western Mystery Tradition for over 30 years. He is offering classes covering what he calls The Alchemical Cabala. This is the trinity, consisting of the Book of Wisdom -Tarot, the Tree of Life, and the Cube of Space. The class began on Monday Nov 7, 2022 and a video was made. Click here to watch it on Eli’s YouTube site. The Alchemical Cabala will be held each Monday at 7 PM Central Time. Click here to enter the class on the Holy Order of MANS events page. You will be studying the Cube of Space’s Paths and Currents, beginning with the Emperor. The Emperor is Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. He will be taking you through each sign of the Zodiac, with its related Tarot card, each week. Eli also has his own website. Click here to visit Eli’s website.

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Physical Balance 1

It must be understood that relaxation and balance are of paramount importance in the work of developing the individual as he or she reaches toward the Illumination of the Christ Light and the Realization of God-Self.

One must remember that the thyroid center is a balancing valve between the physical and spiritual bodies and that there can sometimes be subnormal, supernormal, or hyper-thyroidal conditions.  In any case, what we wish to bring is balance, both physical and spiritual, which also brings mental balance and opens a channel for the Spirit to speak to us.

This exercise should be done each night and may be done in conjunction with or after the concentration exercises before retiring. See below for concentration exercise suggestions.


Sit or lie down in bed. Relax. Do not go to sleep. Just relax as if you were going to sleep.


With your eyes wide open, concentrate your attention upward toward the ceiling or straight ahead toward one of the walls of the room and try to see beyond the ceiling or wall as though you are looking on the other side of the ceiling or wall.

You must remember that you can see anywhere that you put your consciousness. By that, we mean that if there is a place on the other side of the ceiling or wall you wish to see, place your consciousness there, and you will see where you want to see.


Continue the concentration or gazing for about one or two minutes—maybe five minutes—then close your eyes and take a deep breath, while you bring the fingertips of both hands together in front of you. Then turn your attention and consciousness toward the thyroid, which is at the throat center, and concentrate on the thyroid for the count of ten, or whatever is comfortable.


You must remember that our principal aim in this exercise is the peace and strength and sharpness of the senses that we are attempting to attain. This is a balancing exercise, not a case of making you psychically conscious. It is our attempt here to make your vision—your sight—aware of what it is looking at, to bring you to the place where you see everything you are looking at. And there will be a feeling of strength and vitality in your body.


Do this each night before retiring for no fewer than 21 days.

Concentration Exercises:

Week 1: Developing the Aura

Week 2: Ear

Week 3: Will Power

More spiritual exercises may be found on the in the Curriculum section.

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Tarot Books for Sale in America, Europe and Asia

The Holy Order of MANS three books are now available in Europe and Asia through our new distributor IngramSpark. Please go to your local bookstore and ask the store to order them for you, if they don’t already have them in stock!

They are also available in America through New Leaf Distributing Company. Therefore you can go to your local bookstore and ask the store to order the books for you, if they don’t already have them in stock.

The books are also available on Amazon. If you purchase on Amazon please write a brief comment about the book as to why you bought it. It would be much appreciated!

I’ll let you know when the Tarot 22 Keys become available through Amazon. You can still get them through Holy Order of MANS. Stars of Heaven: Mystical Astrology will be our next book published soon!

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Method of Meditation and Procedure of Illumination

You will work on illumination in the following manner, aside from the concentration exercises, such as the Orange Exercise found on this website. You must know the following and use it at least three times a week.

  1. Know that the pure white light of Christ shines forth, driving out all inharmony and all inadequacy.
  2. This strengthens us and reaffirms our link with the White Brotherhood everywhere.
  3. We are children of light and are one with all of the earthly brotherhoods who seek Christ
  4. Give out what light you have and let it shine forth upon all above as well as below our appointed level of development.
  5. We express our love, peace, and power, which brings us strength and wisdom along with an understanding of the Law that to this Brotherhood, the Holy Order of Mans, is a law of action.
  6. Grant unto us, O Christ, the wisdom to heed in action the words of our teachers, and to properly instruct anyone who may be appointed to receive instructions, so that the light may shine with ever more brilliance throughout the world.

Visualizing in Meditation

  1. Visualize this light of Christ expanding from within, out through your entire body, to a distance of at least 3 feet from your skin. See and know that this light is driving out all inharmony and inadequacy. The purpose of this is to cleanse the three-fold man as well as the aura of all thought forms and habit patterns that might interfere in the work or be of harm to the individual brothers around us. LET GO AND LET GOD.
  2. Visualize the light shining from you to all members of the brotherhood and attempt to become at one with them. KNOW THAT THIS LIGHT REACHES ALL MEMBERS OF THE BROTHERHOOD AND THE WHITE BROTHERS. Explanation: In so doing we are linked with the entire Brotherhood over a very real network which is set up through the light and energy of Christ, permitting light to come to us, permitting help and Light to flow more freely to all.
  3. Visualize the light going to all members of the races, breaking the tendencies of our mass mind idea of separateness and self-interest, but more especially carrying out the will of God. KNOW THAT ALL ARE CHILDREN OF GOD.


This is a personal improvement meditation section. Thus far, we have done several things in relation to this action:

  1. We have cleansed and purified our beings with light.
  2. We have linked and aligned ourselves with the Great White Brotherhood.
  3. By linking with the Brotherhood, we have attracted to the groups and the races much more light than we usually enjoy.
  4. Please remember that we are driving certain characteristics out of our personality.

What we are doing now is molding that extra light into forms of thoughts that will replace those driven out through our love for our Master Jesus Christ and our earthly teachers.  Then we will start to become the Children of Light.

While we are doing this, we know that unwanted things have not one bit of power in our presence.

We also know that the new forms being carried through our instruction and discipline are of great importance. They are the love, peace, power, wisdom, strength, and law, which abide under the mantle of our Master Jesus and our earthly teachers.

Also know that by doing the above, that as you live and radiate light, that the light you send out, many times unconsciously, may bring others to the realization that light is within themselves.

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