The Cube of Space – Part 3

We, aka our Higher Self, began our journey around the Cube of Space at the Center, where we robed ourselves in a body provided by the Lovers and the Empress, and then a new personality. But we promptly forgot our connection to our Higher Being, and in that condition arrived on the West face of the Cube through the Wheel of Fortune.

After many incarnations on the West face, we finally figure out that there is more to life than “All you see is all there is”! Whew! We worked our way to the North face, and there we began to investigate our new way of thinking. We felt that we were alone in our thinking, but we moved ahead, studying, experimenting, seeing the world and those around us with different eyes. At some point, through experience, we come to an astounding realization and our world is turned upside down.

Featured Image -- 6668At that moment we let go of our past and our Inner Self opens up to us. This allows us to travel to the South face of the Cube. But we don’t go around the cube to get there. We actually go through its Center, and by doing so come face-to-face with our true Inner Self in the middle of the Cube. In the Tarot our Inner Self is represented by the Fool. That instance of bright light reveals to us Who we really are. It is a visceral experience. This knowing can never be taken from us. The moment passes swiftly and we arrive out on the center of the South face through the card called The Sun.

tarot-keys-1-29-06-012-the-sun-191At the Sun we begin our transformation, or new birth, from natural humanity to spiritual humanity. As on the other faces of the cube, there are five cards that we will visit on the South face, which will expedite this transformation. Look at the diagram above to see the path we follow here.

You will learn about the powers of the sub-conscious mind and how to apply correct conscious self-direction to your efforts in order to grow. This practical method may be expressed by the saying, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This new birth is a very real process, a deepening inner realization of the true status of mankind in the cosmic order.

In the natural man the sub-conscious mind is subordinate. She is subject to the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the masculine, or the conscious mind. At the Sun card we are beginning to release the subconscious mind from the bondage of erroneous suggestion.

We pick up the tool called the Law of Suggestion. We acknowledge it. We learn to use it. This is like any other tool. If you want to hammer a nail into the wall, you pick up a hammer (acknowledging that this is the tool you wish to use, as opposed to a shovel) and pound the nail with it. You don’t pound with the handle end, nor the part with the claw, but the flat side of the head. And don’t hit your finger! There is actually a technique to this, which can be taught.

downloadSame with the sub-conscious mind. The part of you that’s reading this is the director, or the doer, aka your conscious mind. You want to accomplish something. That accomplishment is provided by the fulfillment center, aka your subconscious mind, much like when you order something from Amazon. And, you know that it’s going to arrive. That’s what Amazon does – it delivers! If the wrong item arrives, or never arrives, you let Amazon know right away.

Your subconscious mind is a continuous recording device of everything in your life, including those things you’re not aware of. It’s your personal fulfillment center and it delivers! It will multiply and deliver into your life all of your wishes and thoughts and decisions, good, bad and indifferent. OMG! How do you get a handle on this? First by acknowledging it exists. Then learning how to use it. This is one of the most important tools in your spiritual toolbox!

tarot-keys-1-29-06-012-the-sun-192The sunflowers on the card represent the four kingdoms already perfected, so they face the children. These are the mineral, vegetable, animal and natural man kingdoms. The fifth flower turns toward the sun, looking up. Spiritual humanity itself only turns to that which is above it for support. Your spiritual strength rests on understanding how to correctly direct your feminine or sub-conscious mind. The operative word here is “correctly”.

tarot-keys-1-29-06-011-the-moon-18Another important tool is represented by The Moon card, your next stop at the bottom edge of the South face, called South Below. Here is expressed the transformation of your bodily organism from the knowledge gained through meditation.  The function of this card is organization. Meditation reveals to us new relationships. We receive information from within and use this to redirect our sub-conscious mind. And we now know how important that is! How do we do this?

Imagination is the key to this accomplishment. It’s not by selection and breeding, but by the direct action of man’s will, your will. Personal efforts are necessary, but this “Operation of the Sun” can only be successful when you see, understand, and apply the principles, laws and forces that are involved.

Imagination makes clear and definite our desires and aspirations. Mental images are the patterns that we pass into the sub-consciousness. You will begin to realize by now that the subconscious mind is the builder of the body and the controller of all of its functions. These mental images will steer us into courses of action which help to bring about these bodily changes.

In the Moon card you have the wild wolf, dangerous to man, which is produced by nature. The dog is a result of modifications effected in the wolf by human thought. Men tame wolves and modify the structure of their bodies by cross-breeding. This is a direct allusion to control of the body-consciousness. The Path goes between these two extremes of Nature and Art, at the point of balance in the middle.

Beyond the towers is a vast region of experience. These experiences are contrary to the wall of the ordinary limits of human sensation and perception. Many have entered that region and created a path of Light for us to follow.

Tarot Keys 1-29-06 006 Transition #13Moving on to the next card we encounter the Law of Transformation symbolized by the Transition card. This card is found on the Southwest side of the South face. Here you learn to be master of the energies that build your organism. This Law is all about change and dissolution. Man eats both animals and vegetable forms, and builds the chemical energy of their cells into his own body. If he is willing to learn how to liberate himself from the conditions of his physical existence, he will be able to do more than this.

This card expresses that change is the basis of manifestation. The skeleton walks from north to south, just as we have on the Cube of space, from the darkness of ignorance to the light of perfection. It represents the framework of all progress – the disintegration of form for the sake of the release of energy. Meditation is the tool that we use to make use of this power of change.

Just be aware that no person learns how to accomplish this until he is truly prepared, and more than anything else, this means ethical preparation. Man is immortal and can never die. Though his bodies change and disintegrate a thousand times, he remains. Learn you lessons well.

Tarot Keys 1-29-06 010 The Star #17Our next card is The Star, found at South Above, the top edge of the South face of the Cube of Space. One of the functions of this card is Revelation. The other function we have already mentioned, meditation. The nude water-bearer represents Truth. We will find here that the practice of mediation reveals Truth to us without disguise. Revelation here means unveiling, disclosure, discovery. Here is pictured something that operates from above the level of human personal consciousness.

The disclosures made here at this stage are not perceived by the physical senses. They are not arrived at by the reasoning mind, engaged in external observation. Quite the reverse. They come when the reasoning mind is completely stilled and the senses sealed. This is accomplished by the practice of concentration. This practice enables you to perceive the inner nature of the object of your attention. The Orange exercise on this site is an ancient and wonderful practice to aid you in developing concentration.

Meditation has specific physical results, and employs physical energy in the organism of the person who meditates. Practically, meditation is the only safe regenerative method, because it draws nerve-force up from the reproductive centers of your body without any fixation of attention on the centers themselves, and without any thought about the sex-functions. Meditation is the direction of currents of solar force by acts of self-conscious action. In meditation we become aware of the Inner Voice represented by the Teacher. The Teacher is the Revealer and the Star card is a symbol of the Revelation.

Tarot Keys 1-29-06 018 The Teacher #5And so we come to the Teacher card, found at the Southeast edge of the South face of the Cube of Space. In some decks he is called the Hierophant. The Teacher will be teaching us how to function at a higher level with the aid of wisdom. We are now moving beyond reason.

The functions of this card are Intuition, or interior teaching, and Inner Hearing. It goes beyond mere hunches and brings a direct perception of eternal principles resulting from the union of personal consciousness with Cosmic Consciousness. It would more accurately be called Spiritual Intuition.

He acts as a bridge between heaven and earth, and thus is a turning point. He becomes a connecting link between our outer experience and our Inner Illumination. This card relates to the Self within and the Teacher represents the teaching of Truth which comes from within. He is your “still, quiet voice of reason” from within.

To receive this information, focus your attention on one thing. When you keep your attention on one thing, information about that object will come through your intuition. As you begin to practice concentration, and then meditation, or just sitting quietly, listening to your breath, you will develop the receptivity needed to “hear” this voice. Otherwise the Teacher’s guidance is lost to us.

Once you develop this ability, then even in the midst of commotion and stress, you will hear It to guide you. Once you have established a relationship with the Teacher you will always hear His guidance! Intuitive guidance leads to wanting all things needful, both spiritual and material. What is needful is not necessarily what you might expect.


In the confusion of the world, there has to be some guiding light. The Teacher is the one who explains the mysteries to us. The mysteries of life are not related to the educational system, which is designed to make us useful to society. That’s just fine, but the inner teaching is that first and foremost we should be ourselves. This has nothing to do with society at all.

Once we have this South face of the Cube of Space “under our belt” we move on to the East face. This will be covered in Cube of Space – Part 4.

4 Responses to The Cube of Space – Part 3

  1. iggygus says:

    I love your Aquarian interpretations. (ex: death=transition, heirophant=teacher…) and remember the ‘Living Symbolism’ in the Tarot the way you approach it. Thank you for making this accessible.

  2. Thank you. Very glad you’re enjoying it!

  3. Yvette says:

    I love this wisdom. As a professional Tarot reader I find that the knowledge of BOTA is so incredible. The depth to well of wisdom is endless which I find humbling and inspiring. Gratitude & Blessings, Yvette

    • Thank you. It is a joy for me, too. I’m always hoping that this will inspire others to take a fresh look at the wisdom given through BOTA and use it in their lives today. This is the wisdom that never grows old, is always relevant to our everyday lives, no matter how “modern” we think we have become! The basics just don’t change. Again, thank you for sharing.

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