COVR Visionary Awards – Keystone of the Tarot with Meditations

Vote to win a COVR (Coalition of Visionary Resources) Award for the cover of the Holy Order of MANS book Keystone of the Tarot with Meditations! Last year The Golden Force won the COVR Silver Award.

Step 1: Make your choices. Please click 2023 COVR Visionary Awards Voter’s Guide.

Now you’re on the COVR website. Ignore the Member Login. Scroll way down to the Green Box and click “Official 2023 COVR Visionary Awards Voter’s Guide”.

There are four categories in the Guide. You must vote for one entry in each category. Select one entry for each category and make a note below.

(1) Audio & Visual –

(2) Books – Keystone of the Tarot with Meditations

(3) Jewelry –

(4) Products

Step 2: Vote for your choices. Please click Link to the Voting Ballot and follow the directions.

Everyone can vote! Please vote by Monday April 24th. Thank you for taking the time to vote!  Share this with your friends so they can vote, too!

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