Meditation Two Exercise

By meditation on His precepts, testimonies, and His Law, we get divine understanding. Through divine understanding, we get divine illumination. Through divine illumination, through which we arrive at the point of finding the SELF, and finding the SELF is the quest of this course of study.

1.  Start with concentration.  Pick an object in the room and look at it for 10 minutes under full light.  Do this every day for four days.  The next week for three days, the third week for one day, preferably Wednesday of the week.

2.  Then we start on the fourth week with a darkened room and concentrate on the same object under the light of three candles.  Do this for five minutes every day for four days, the first week. The second week, every day for three days.  The third week, every day for two days.  The fourth week on Wednesday.

3.  The final exercise should be done in a darkened room (complete) and start visualizing the same object for 15 minutes for 7 days.

4. Then in the light and the dark alternately 10 minutes in light, and 10 minutes in dark, once a day for 7 days.

This shall establish the power of concentration; meditation is then a retroactive function from concentration — it will just carry you through.

Contemplation is merely a workable way of retrospection, a review of what we have learned in meditation.

From the Holy Order of MANS Tree of Life Lesson-Level One – Meditation Two

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