Stars of Heaven – Mystical Astrology

Stars of Heaven – Mystical Astrology, published by the Holy Order of MANS, is now available on Amazon. Check it out! If you order a copy, please leave a comment or rating.

The following is from the book Introduction:

The purpose of this book is not to show you how to set up or read a horoscope. Such information can be found in many books. But here we seek to help you get acquainted with the feeling and personality of signs and planets and their underlying symbology.

We assure you that although astrological charts are based on a concept which places the earth at center of the wheel, this does not render them invalid, as study of an individual chart would show. This is because an average man is the center of his own universe which seems to revolve around him. As far as earth-man is concerned in his daily physical needs, the sun and moon encircle his environment to bring him night and day, cycles and seasons.

It is only when he passes beyond the self-centered area of consciousness to become a solar-oriented being, a true Sun-Son, that he moves in essence off the wheel of earth’s Karma and consciousness to join with the great Identity at the center of the solar system. Then he no longer wishes to categorize himself within the limits of a zodiacal pattern which was manifest at the time this present vehicle emerged, but in becoming one with God, he identifies with the timeless essence of his true Being, and partakes of all these twelve attributes in One.

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  1. Hamid Emami says:

    Great presentation!

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