How Intuitive Are You?

My dear friend Mark Earlix is offering a workshop in January. I’ve taken several of his workshops and love them. I met him through the Holy Order of MANS. See below to check it out.

How Intuitive Are You?
Special 2hr Workshop:
January 12, 4:30-6:30 PM MST

Ever wonder if you’re even naturally Intuitive?
Ever have the desire to help others with Intuition?

This 2-Hour power packed workshop will:
Take you beyond the current understanding of Intuition.
Help you to awaken and utilize your ability to work with your ability to See.
We will have casual dialog, lectures and exercises utilizing techniques.
This workshop is for anyone that desires to utilize their innate ability of Intuition!
To find out more about this class Click Here

To find out what else Mark offers and learn more about him Click Here

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