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Concentration – Ears

It is possible through exercises and concentration to develop your spiritual ears to a point where they will be more sensitive than they now are. The first and most important step in this process is to concentrate on your ears … Continue reading

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Visualization 2 -Auric Egg and the Solar System

In our last exercise, Visualization 1, we created an egg of light around ourselves. STEP 1: Create the egg of white light while sitting relaxed within the ovoid space. STEP 2: Now, around the head and from the level of … Continue reading

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Visualization 1 – Auric Egg Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is for you to become not only acquainted with the use of visualization and your own imaging of objects and light but also to bring you into a position where you are totally surrounded by … Continue reading

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Jason Lotterhand Classes at Holy Order of MANS

Jason Lotterhand gave a series of lectures to the members of the Holy Order of MANS at their headquarters in San Francisco in the early 1970’s. The Order consolidated them into two recordings. Click here to listen to them. They … Continue reading

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Key 12 Suspended Man & Key 13 Transition Holy Order of MANS Tarot Class on YouTube – Recording Revised

Apparently when I uploaded the Tarot Class dated August 29, 2022 I copied a previous video on a class about Key 8 Strength instead. Today I corrected my technical error and the class will be available to look at on … Continue reading

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Retrospection Exercise

Each night as you’re lying in bed preparing to go to sleep, say the following prayer (or something like it): O Lord, reveal to me my deeds of this day and show me what I did right, what I could … Continue reading

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Purchase Tarot Twenty-Two Keys

The Tarot Twenty-Two Keys are now available for sale on the HolyOrderofMANS.com website, under the topic “What Are We Reading?” Coloring the cards is an integral part of the study of the Tarot.

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Keystone of the Tarot with Meditations

The Holy Order of MANS’s newest book Keystone of the Tarot with Meditations is now available on Amazon. It was designed with coloring instructions for the Tarot cards, Tarot 22 Keys – The Major Arcana. It also includes a meditation … Continue reading

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YouTube – Gates of Light – Tarot

The webinars are now on YouTube. Click here to see my new YouTube site called Gates of Light – Tarot.

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