Jewels of the Wise, Self-Mastery Through the Tarot

The newest book published by the Holy Order of MANS is Jewels of the Wise, Self-Mastery Through the Tarot. It’s now available on Amazon. The Tarot cards are in color. It expands upon the information found in their book Keystone of the Tarot with Meditations, which was published in July.

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  1. ktm82253919 says:

    Hello Margot, I love your website and the work you continue to put in to it.  I have all of the books on the tarot by holy order of mans and they are really great.  Are you familiar with the energy influences of the major arcana on the paths that was written by McGregor Mathers?  As an example path 18 which is Cheth and ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer and is between Binah and Geburah.  It is described as Binah/Saturn acting through Cancer on Mars/Geburah. This is a deeper understanding of the trumps and how there energy interacts with the 2 sephirah.  The Golden Dawn uses this approach.  The problem is that the info they give members in the Practicus Grade is a 1 page paper that is very short and they don’t go deeply into it until the higher grades.  I think this would be a great addition to add to your site if you have the understanding of this approach. I have been trying to learn more about this and have reached out to many people but have not been successful.  I look forward to reading the new book. In LVX

    • I’ve asked my dear friend Eli Rushing to reply to your query. We’ve been discussing his doing a more advanced class on the Tarot, as you are requesting, when I finish covering the Cube of Space.

  2. Hi, my name is Eli Rushing,
    Margot asked me to respond to your query, and it seems perfect timing to introduce myself.

    I have studied the WMT for over 30 years, particularly the works of Mr. Paul Case, Jason Lotterhand, Mother Ruth Blighton, and Margot Whitney.
    It is my pleasure and honor to say I will begin holding Zoom Classes next month through the HOOM website on what I call the “Alchemical Cabala”.
    This would be the Trinity that is
    “The Book of Wisdom *Tarot, The Tree of Life, and the Cube of Space.
    We will be exploring the Keys in Depth through individual and collective pathworking. We will start by Pathworking the Currents along the Cube of Space, and after a Solid Foundation is formed there, move on to the Paths on the Tree of Life.
    While we are not going to be covering the “old school” traditional “grades” as layed out in the GD, we will absolutely be exploring and covering topics that you refer to.
    Specifically, you bring up the Path of Cheth, and its path connecting Binah and Gevurah.
    In the Chariot, we see the SELF rising from the ‘Cube”, and you mention how that path shows the limiting energies of Saturn in Binah, operating through the activity of Mars in Gevurah.
    If one has worked much with the Chariot key, one Knows well, that those energies are very active on the 18th path (*the House of Influence), in the “Field” of limitation.
    As stated, we will 1st be actively exploring the paths, along the Cube.
    We will cover 1 path/current per week, with discussions/meditations, and then we will review our weeks experiences, as we enter the next current/path on the Cube for the following week.
    We will begin on the Path of Heh/The Emperor, in the North-East, and work our way along the peripheral currents of the Cube back to the North East over 6 weeks. After that, we will work along Teth and the Strength Key, descending through the path of Justice, until we reach the North-East again, in the following 6 weeks. etc..
    So, we won’t be starting with Cheth on the Cube, But, we will get to it, and just to muse here on your question specifically, and as it translates on the Cube.
    Cheth on the Cube occupies East Below and the Current runs North to South,
    It is unique on the Cube in this manner as it is the only peripheral path that never leaves the East.
    We see it combines well the Supernal Mother of Binah (as it connects The High Priestess to the Empress on the Cube, and it takes the Mars energies from Aries (*the Emperor/Heh) , and Transmits them through the Subconscious, then rising through The path of the Hierophant, our Real, Inner Voice of the Self, via In~tuiton.
    So we see the Function of Speech as well associated here with this particular path of Cheth, that Aspect of the Word which “Limits” the All into endless Forms of creation.
    These classes will be accessible to anyone at any level they are willing to receive, no matter their level of experience, and while we will be exploring the intellectual aspects of the Paths and making those connections, the classes will be primarily aimed at “experiential learning”, and then making that knowledge our own through integrating those specific experiences.
    We respect and the value of the intellect, but, recognize that the intellect is literally 1/10th of the Tree as the Sephira *Hod. We will be working to balance all the Sephiroth.
    I hope this information is useful to you, and hope to see you in our ZOOM classes on The Alchemical Cabala, starting with the Cube Of Space.

    In L.V.X.


    • adornedaesthetics says:

      Hello Eli, I would definitely like the information about this class to see if it would be at a time & day that I would be available to attend. Contact info is:
      Thank you!

      • Eli’s class will be accessed through the website through Zoom Events. It will be on Mondays at 5 PM Pacific Time and will begin next week on November 7th. My last Tarot class is this evening. Tomorrow November 1st I will set up Eli’s class on the HOOM Events schedule for that time slot. Everyone is looking forward to his classes!

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