The Golden Force, by Earl W. Blighton

Last week the Holy Order of MANS, where I’m a Director, published a new version of The Golden Force on Amazon. This is the first book that I was handed when I entered the Order at the beginning of my spiritual quest. They also gave me an orange. They both changed my life. The Orange Exercise is on this site. That simple. My insight into the Tarot stems from my experience in reading this book and doing the Orange Exercise every day for a year. Nothing beats focus, and a quiet mind, and awareness of who you really are. And it’s not gained overnight. Nature likes to take its time. It likes to grow large trees very slowly. Smile. I would suggest that anyone who likes my pages here on the Tarot Major Arcana pick up The Golden Force and buy an orange today! They were foundational to my later understanding of what Paul Foster Case, and many of the other teachers I’ve since studied, were talking about.

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