Erin Cookston, My Amazing Yoga Instructor

Tarot has been my passion. Yoga allows me the visceral experience of the spiritual teachings imbedded in the Cards. I’ve used my Yoga experiences in several of the cards to help you get a deeper feeling of the lesson. One person I have to thank for my ongoing practice over many years is Erin Cookston. She would start her 6 AM classes so slowly, so quietly. I close my eyes and follow her sweet voice. I know what’s coming, but who could resist the laughter in her voice as she leads you through the practice. I am without thinking, without concern. I am no where else, just following her voice. She’s so precise you don’t miss a beat!

For this past year I’ve had to follow her on YouTube. I have the same experience, as though she’s right next to me. I introduced my web consultant to her. She’s tried Yoga, but said it was too hard for a beginner. I turned her on to Erin’s Beginner’s 30-minute class on line. She loves it! Erin has given me so much I just want to share her with you. Her website is and you can find her on YouTube at Erin Cookston Yoga. And don’t let her sweet smile fool you. The more advanced classes are amazing!

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