Cards are all up now!

The last of the 22 Tarot Keys are up and ready to view. There will be a few edits to some of the topics listed, but they’ll all stay up in the interim. The next major change will be on the  YouTube site webinars. Looking forward to sharing them with you as they’re created! Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions these past months.

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5 Responses to Cards are all up now!

  1. cira canelas says:

    ohhhh thank you thank you thank you. I learn a lot from this. My heart is full of gratitude

  2. sharongeorgie says:

    Thank You, so very much, Margot.


  3. tamzon22 says:

    Thank you for the completion of this GREAT WORK Margo. ❤️

  4. Tyreese says:

    Very thoughtful bloog

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