Purchasing the Tarot Cards

An important part of the study of the Tarot is to get the Keys in front of you. Coloring your own set of cards is the way to do just that. Once you have colored your cards, please do not share them with others. By your applying color to each card you enter your own personality vibration onto each one. As you color a card, read the post on that card. Color them in order, from The Fool to The World. Take your time!

The deck of cards used on this site may be purchased from the Science of Man. They were originally developed by the Rev. Mother Helen Blighton (Mother Ruth) of the Holy Order of MANS. She based her cards on those created by Paul Foster Case of the Builders of the Adytum, updated with differences based on her meditations.

0-FoolThe cards are black and white, printed on heavy card stock. Coloring instructions are included. Please click here to go to the bookstore at the Science of Man. Scroll down until you see Tarot 22 Keys.

You also will need to pickup either water colors, acrylics or colored pencils and a couple of small brushes. Prang has a small water color set with 8 colors and a brush, which has worked fine for me. For the metals I’ve used acrylics. Test your colors on a blank piece of paper before applying to the cards. The colors are not chosen for artistic values, but for interior meanings – so please don’t try to “improve” them. Refer to my post Colors Used on the Tarot Keys (click here) for their meanings. Flesh color is a very diluted orange, almost all water. Blond hair color is adding a little brown to yellow.

Coloring is a valuable part of the study, as it enables you to build the spiritual meaning of each of the Keys into your consciousness.